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Indoor Series Gas Stove Top Pizza Oven Box Kit

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The BakerStone Indoor Series Gas Stove Top Pizza Oven Box Kit allows you to convert your gas range into a gourmet pizza oven, capable of reaching up to 750˚ F (400˚ C).

*For use with Indoor Gas Stoves ONLY - Will not work on electric or induction ranges

*Performance may vary depending upon burner BTU's, environmental conditions and other factors.


Stove Top Pizza Oven Box (Gas Range/Stove Tops Only)

Basics Wood Pizza Peel.

Basics Pizza Turner/Spatula



- Patented 5 Sided Stone Baking Chamber

- Converts your Gas Range into a Gourmet Pizza Oven

- Fits over a single burner on your Gas Range / Stove Top

- Bakes Pizza, Breads and Cookies. Roasts Meat and Vegetables, Cooks Fish

- Create Pizzeria Quality Pizzas in 2-4 Minutes* 

- Set the burner to HIGH and preheat for around 20 minutes; once the needle reaches the desired temperature you're ready to bake

- Easy to read icons display the temperature range for oven style baking and extreme wood-fired temperatures

- Double wall and insulated upper housing for optimal heat retention for baking breads and cookies, or roasting meat and vegetables

- Bakes up to an 11" pizza

- Made from Stainless Steel / Porcelain Enameled Steel / Refractory Stone 

- 1-year manufacturer's limited warranty

- Made in China


Dimensions (Pizza Oven Box only):

    - Interior of baking chamber - 11.4" width x 11.4" depth x 2.8" height

    - Assembled product - 15.4" width x 13.9" depth x  8.6" height

    - Product weight without packaging (Pizza Oven Box only) - 20.35 lbs



- Performance may vary depending upon burner BTU's, environmental conditions and other factors.

- The Pizza Oven Box can only be used on a gas range / stove top. Not for use on Electric or Induction cooktops.


WARNING: The Pizza Oven Box cannot be used on a gas range / stove top with top surface (upward facing) control knobs. The control knobs and valves can overheat and may result in serious injury and/or property damage. Example shown below:

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